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Season of ORDER is underway and minting soon.

  • 100ADA
  • 1 NFTPer TX
  • 5,000Max Supply
  • NoWhitelist


  • Pendulum is an NFT Project on Cardano

  • Wednesday the 30th at 10PM UTC

  • At this time there are 2 collections planned for Pendulum; the ORDER collection and the CHAOS collection. Each collection will consist of 5,000 NFTs for a total of 10,000 NFTs.

  • 100 ADA

  • a616aab3b18eb855b4292246bd58f9e131d7c8c25d1d1d7c88b666c4

  • 2000x2000px at 300dpi

  • Yes

  • Art.
    ORDER, followed by CHAOS.
    Pendulum is a purely art focused project. As of this time there are no plans for utility or benefits.

  • When the artwork is finished.

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Chapter 1

Season of Order

When our species diverged, some fully embraced everything that technology had to offer, becoming one with machines. Eternal life through synthetic and bionic ‘enhancements’ were offered to all who took the oath to uphold and enforce ORDER. Few considered the consequences of accepting this gift.

Chapter 2

Season of Chaos

While many happily merged with machine, others rejected this “free gift” and instead distanced themselves from technology. They chose a life that accepts and embraces the benefits and limitations of the CHAOS of nature.